VOR Article Submissions

Do you want to contribute to the Voice of Recovery Newsletter with a poem, story, or other form of written self-expression?

You can do this in a couple of different ways.

PREFERRED METHOD: Send us an email! The most straight-forward way to submit your materials is by email. Write up the content in the body of the email, or attach a document, and send to newsletter@sonomacountyna.org. We will be in touch by email to let you know if the article has been accepted, or to make suggestions as needed.

Whatever means you use to submit materials for publication, you must include contact information, whether you provide an email address or phone number.

DISCLAIMER: SCFNA does not endorse any outside enterprises, and offers the linked resource strictly for the purpose of providing a means to contribute written materials to further carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous. Please use such services responsibly!

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