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Service Openings

Does your group or subcommittee have an open service commitment you'd like to promote to the fellowship? Are you looking for a way to be of service in Narcotics Anonymous? Submit open service commitments AND find openings here!

Are you reaching out to the fellowship for EVENT VOLUNTEERS? This is a great place to announce that! Contact the webservant to have an online volunteer sign-up sheet created and listed here.

Open positions are listed below.

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Here are some guideline regarding this list:
  • Submissions to this list require the entry of contact details by the submitter so the submission can be verified by the Public Relations Area Rep.
  • No personal information submitted for verification will be displayed on this site and is not accessible publicly.
  • Information must be verified with the submitter within one week to remain on the listing.
  • Open positions will remain on the list for 90 days from the original submission. If a position is still open 90 days after you submit it, please do so again.
  • Submissions for subcommittee event volunteers will remain open until the event has occurred.
  • Please email the webservant or PR Area Rep if a position has been filled so we can keep this list current.
  • If you would prefer, you can submit these service opportunities using the PDF download form located here, and email or hand the completed form to the PR Area Rep at the monthly Area Service Committee.
Listings can be filtered by Position, Group/Subcommittee/Area category, or number of days the position has been open. Click the box with the down arrow at the top of the list and select the position you are looking for, or use the slider to narrow the days open range.

Want to take this list to your meeting? Click here to download and print the entire listing as a PDF document.

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