24-hour Helpline in Sonoma County
(707) 324-4062


These forms can be downloaded by clicking here:

  • New Meeting Form - Add a meeting to the schedule (additions to the web schedule are immediate, printed schedules are updated every 2 months)
  • Meeting Change Form - Update meeting info such as day, time, location, or key
  • GSR Report - Available at Area Service every month
  • Service Opportunities

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Literature Coordinator

  • (707) 324-4062 ext. 89
  • For meetings, please place your literature order online using the link below.
  • If this is not possible, call or email our Area Literature Coordinator (literature@sonomacountyna.org)
Click here to open the SCFNA ONLINE Literature Order form.
Click here to view Literature Order archives.
Download a literature price list and order worksheet. This is for convenient OFFLINE inventory ONLY. Use the ONLINE order form to place your actual order.