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posted Feb 6, 2016, 3:03 PM by Sonoma NA Admin   [ updated Feb 18, 2016, 10:28 AM ]
Sometimes in life, taking shortcuts is a good thing. When it comes to finding a webpage on our site quickly, shortcuts are a GREAT thing! The SCFNA website now has a faster way to get to that page you want! Below is a list of keywords you can put in front of "sonomacountyna.org" and go right to some of the more frequently used pages on the site:
  • http://whatsnew.sonomacountyna.org - View the website's latest updates in one place
  • http://contacts.sonomacountyna.org - SCFNA subcommittess list, with email addresses and helpline extensions
  • http://events.sonomacountyna.org - Events Calendar page
  • http://feedback.sonomacountyna.org - SCFNA website Feedback form
  • http://flyers.sonomacountyna.org - Event Flyers and Deadlines
  • http://forms.sonomacountyna.org - Forms used by SCFNA Area and Groups to conduct business
  • http://literature.sonomacountyna.org - Our online literature order form for groups
  • http://meetings.sonomacountyna.org - Find a meeting!
  • http://openservice.sonomacountyna.org - Advertise an open service position, or browse the SCFNA "help wanted" section!
  • http://vor.sonomacountyna.org - Our Newsletter, the "Voice Of Recovery"

When entering the address, be sure to put a "dot" (.) after the keyword and before "sonomacountyna.org" to reach your destination.